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Uploading Large APKs to the Google Play Store



So I have struggled to export my game that far exceeds the Google Play store max upload limit (100 or 150mb or whatever) so that's what this post is going to focus on.

Firstly to meet Google Play standards you will need to export to 64bit which is the first minor hurtle I encountered. You can find the relevant settings in Build > Player Settings > Other Settings. You have to change your Script Backend to IL2CPP, and you will have the ARM64 checkbox active. Check ARM64 and disable x86. Google will only allow a max file size of 100mb to be uploaded to the play store. To get around this we can check Split Application Binary in Publisher Settings. Do not check
split APKs by target architecture.

ARM 64 Unity
ARM 64 Unity

The next issue you might run in to is needing the Android NDK before you are allowed to export.

Android NDK Unity

This is a relatively simple fix but has some 'gotchas' as well. While the latest is r20 You will need to specifically download version r16b, which can be found here. Download and extract that anywhere and link to the folder if/when Unity prompts for it (Above).

Now we are ready to Export.
When complete you should receive an apk (hopefully < 100mb) and a larger .main.obb file.

Alpha Release

Head over to your Google Play Store account and create a new release. I am going to first run through the Alpha testing upload in case anyone needs help in that area. If you are heading straight to production you can skip this section.

App Release

Anyway, Go to "App Releases" and create a Closed Track in the Alpha section and give it a name. Select or create any tester emails that you would like to allow access to this version and then "Create Release" in the top right. You can now upload your smaller apk file in the "Android App Bundles and APKs" section.

Once this is complete your APK will appear below with a small plus symbol next to it. When you click that it provides another upload area where you can add any dependencies, i.e. the larger file that exported with your game earlier.

Upload APK App Store
Upload OBB App Store

Once you have added some release notes and version name you can hit "Create Release" then once you have reviewed you app details you can hit "Start Rollout to Alpha". This will only publish the game to your internal testers and will not be available to the public. It will take several hours before the Alpha is accessible though so until you recieve an email or notification saying so the Opt-in URL will not work.

Create Release

That's basically all there is when creating an alpha. I highly recommend create alphas and betas and using them as a last chance to catch any bugs before release.

Uploading to production TBC.