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Development Log 1: "New Racer"


Working Title: New Racer :P

So my newest racing game will lean more towards the traditional, landscape mode, behind the car kind of look and feel. A criticism of Drift Worlds was the 2.5D design and potrait orientation. I wasn't too fussed because that's the kind of game I set out to make but I do have a lot of car assets and development knowledge to create a new racing game. So here it is: New Racer.

So far the game, in my mind, will be an open world online game. There will be scattered "contracts" around the world that do different things. I am thinking a similar idea to GTA and impromptu races.

The first objective I have included is the bounty card. If collected a randomly assigned bounty target is shown on the map. If the players can collectively pin down and stop the bounty it will result in their explosion and a designated amount going to each racer. You can see this work in the video above.

I hope to add a lot more of these contracts over the next few months. Races of course, pass the bomb by colliding into each other until time expires, largest jump contest, fastest speed contest and whatever else comes to my head over the development lifetime.

The project, according to my github logs, is almost 2 months of (Start 23rd April) so in that time I have got the networking set-up, at least the basics using PUN2. I have the bouty to a workable point. Will probably evolve over time but works well at the moment. I have begun a city and spent countless hours trying to work with EasyRoads (Not so easy it seems).

It's not mucn so far but I'm hoping it can captivate enough people to follow along in my development journey. We'll see where I'm at in a few weeks.